1]     Gasoline: Start each season with a fresh can of mid-grade gasoline (less than 30 days old unless treated with a fuel stabilizer). Seal tightly your plastic, non-metal or glass, gas can to prevent dirt and moisture contamination. Today’s gasoline is blended with ethanol which attracts moisture which can cause problems. In addition, ethanol is causing many carburetors and fuel lines to fail sooner than later.

2]     During the Cutting Season:
– Check oil often. Use 10W30 on Honda engines and 30W on most other engines.
– Run on fast speed.
– Clean Air Filter.
* Dusty conditions – before every use.
* Grassy conditions – every 5-10 uses.
* If engine is surging, clean immediately, may solve surging problem.
– Check oil often.
– Wash undercarriage after each use. Wipe undercarriage with old oil-helps to reduce grass buildup.
– Change oil after 20 hours of use. Check oil often.
– Wheels that wobble need replacing.

3]     Do’s & Don’ts
– Don’t turn mower upside down or on carburetor side to clear obstructions or wash.
– When turning mower on side to wash undercarriage, turn on oil cap side down.
– Don’t mix last season’s gas with new gas unless previously treated with stabilizer. Drain old gas.
– Never turn mower on side when engine is running.

4]     End Of Season
– Add fuel stabilizer in your gas can at the beginning of Fall. Top off mower tank with stabilized mid-grade gas after each use to limit condensation inside tank.
– Call Austin Mobile Mower Repair to schedule next season’s maintenance service.

5]     Riders – End Of The Season
– See End Of Season tips above.
– Remove battery and store in a warm place or start mower once a month and let run on fast for 15 minutes.
– Moth Balls placed in the engine compartment helps to deter mice from building nests, especially if parked in a shed or barn.

Special Note: If any of the above tips gave you a headache, take 2 aspirin and call us at 512-487-8400.