Austin Mobile Mower Repair

We specialize in servicing and minor repair of gas-powered residential lawn and garden equipment with a 30-day guarantee on labor.


We take trade-ins and we sell reconditioned used gas-powered lawn equipment…at prices you won’t believe.

Give us a call… (512) 487-8400.

SAVE $40!…

We have a special drop-off location in north Austin near Braker Lane. Call for Appointment Time & Address.

Why Choose Austin Mobile Mower Repair?

The services provided by Austin Mobile Mower Repair will be more convenient and affordable than other lawn mower repair shops and services.


Mobile Repair
Learn here about our convenient and affordable Services & Fees.

Lawn Equip. Sales
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Tips & Testimonials
Here are some helpful tips to keep your equipment running well.

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Read What Our Customers Are Saying…

  • I know next to nothing when it comes to maintaining my mower but I need my mower to last a long time. I am so happy I found Austin Mobile Mower Repair! They reconditioned my mower to like new and taught me some helpful tips to keep my mower running perfect. They are friendly and affordable! I highly recommend them!–Gina Mattiza, Austin, Texas

  • During last year's drought, I didn't need to mow my yard very often. This year, after our early rains, I needed to mow but when I went to start my mower, it would start then quickly stop. I tried over and over to get it to run but couldn't. My second problem is I drive a Honda and I couldn't get my mower in the trunk to take it to the repair shop. I Googled lawn mower repair and found Austin Mobile Mower Repair. They came out, serviced my mower and now it runs like it should. Took about an hour. I know who to call now when my lawn equipment doesn't run right.–David Anderson, Austin, Texas

  • My riding mower wouldn't start and when I called my neighborhood repair shop, they said it might be 3-4 weeks before they could check to see what was wrong. I couldn't afford to let my yard go 3-4 weeks without mowing so I looked online to see if there was anyone who could come to my house. I was pleasantly surprised to find a company who will come to me and fix my mower. I called on a Friday and my mower was fixed on Tuesday and the repair bill was was very reasonable given I didn't have to take my rider to the shop and wait for 3-4 weeks. Give these guys a call.–Jimmy Betz, Austin, Texas

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